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Frequently asked questions

A/ there is no a procedure to make an offer, it depends on the parties involved, if the offer will be made using a realtor, or with a lawyer, or directly with the owner, if you are going to need a escrow services, so the procedure depends on the services involved. The most common procedure is signing and offer with a guarantee deposit.

A/ The deposit and final payment could be handle in my escrow account and the money has not to be deposited in Costa Rica, is an agreement between the seller and you where the money goes

A / The closing costs are realtor (if you use it), lawyer services, taxes transfer, registry stamps, escrow services (if you use it), those are the basic payments and is a negotiation between seller and buyer the payment of those services.

A/ No, you need a Notary, but in Costa Rica if you want to be a Notary, you have to be Lawyer

A/ The private documents could be write in English, but the official property transfer deed hast to be done in Spanish

A/ No, if you already has the property to purchase you don’t need a realtor, if want to find a property, a realtor could help you, but hire a realtor is not an obligation

A/ it depends, it could be an hour, or weeks, depends the agreements between the buyer and seller