Costa Rica for Vacation

Costa Rica for Vacation

Costa Rica

There’s so much to discover in Costa Rica, the most diverse vacation destination in Latin America. It offers a variety of experiences guaranteed to meet every traveler’s idea of the ultimate vacation and all easily accessible within a matter of a few scenic hours.

It’s the perfect choice for families, couples, adventure-seekers and nature lovers as well as discerning travelers looking for a rich eco-experience coupled with unique accommodations, many with award-winning services and facilities. 

Costa Rica offers several options to make the most of your Costa Rica vacation. Relax and tour from one of a number of resort hotels situated in prime locations.

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Costa Rica Beaches

Alert in Tamarindo Beach

Recent reports show, that crocodiles are invading Tamarindo Beach and are attacking people.So if you wish to go and have your vacations on Tamarindo Beach,

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carara national park
Onsite Costa Rica

Nature Tours Jaco

Jaco, Located in the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica, offers a great variety of  “things to do”, like tours, for example. The variety of

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