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Orotina Investment Opportunities


There are several reasons why one might consider investing in Orotina, Costa Rica: 1. Strategic location: Orotina is located in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica, which makes it an ideal location for business investment due to its proximity to major cities and attractions. 2. Economic growth: Orotina has experienced significant economic growth in […]

Costa Rica for Vacation

Costa Rica

There’s so much to discover in Costa Rica, the most diverse vacation destination in Latin America. It offers a variety of experiences guaranteed to meet every traveler’s idea of the ultimate vacation and all easily accessible within a matter of a few scenic hours. It’s the perfect choice for families, couples, adventure-seekers and nature lovers as […]

Moving to Costa Rica


This video is perfect to describe this hidden paradise in Central America, for those who want to are thinking in where to live, for those who really love adventure; Costa Rica is the perfect option to do it!

Vacation Rentals in Jaco


When you visit a place like Jaco, Costa Rica, you sure need to rent an apartment or a condo in order to not to lose the time doing it. Jaco is a popular beach town in Costa Rica known for its beautiful beaches, surf breaks, and vibrant nightlife. When it comes to vacation rentals in […]

Things to do in Jaco, beach, Costa Rica

Sport Fishing Marlin Sailfish

Jaco beach is must known in Costa Rica as the “Surf Paradise” because of its oceanic great waves and scenic beaches. In this town there is always something to do, like going and take long sun baths at the beach or if you prefer you can even walk on it observing the tranquility of the […]

Nature Tours Jaco

Nature Tours Jaco

Jaco, Located in the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica, offers a great variety of  “things to do”, like tours, for example. The variety of tours is very large, but most of the visitors prefer the nature tours, like bird watching, waterfall rappel, horseback riding or a long walk in Carara National Park. Some prefer […]